VocalSynth.Cloud: Our Community, Our Cloud
VocalSynth.Cloud is an online storage platform made with the vocal synthesis community in mind. You can upload music, artwork, and even UTAU voicebanks among other files into the cloud and access them wherever you go. Your files will stay secure and can even be shared to other users, allowing you to collaborate with others and share content.
Packaged - for the community
VocalSynth.Cloud differs from other cloud services because of its community-centric security and copyright protection approach. Your files, once uploaded, will stay secure, as everything is uploaded into a single server. Your files can be shared, so you can let the community download your stuff! But the defining feature of our service is copyright protection. Shared files can be easily reported for copyright violation, whether it's a stolen voicebank or MMD model, an album-exclusive song, or other unauthorized reprint. We review each report thoroughly and without bias, and will work to promote fairness for vocal synth content creators.
XSY: eXtremely Simple for You
Upload almost any file, as long as we support that file format! Whether it's a voicebank, an audio file, your art and MMD assets, or even VSQs/USTs and reclists, our cloud can take that! It's that simple to use VocalSynth.Cloud!


Super Fast!

World is Mine! (and yours, too!)
We can take in your files, and you can take us with you and into several of your devices without hassle. No more keeping flash drives of different files that may get lost or be forgotten on a vacation, helping you continue your work wherever you go! You can also share your files with the community and collaborate with other users.
What are you waiting for?